Earth Auger Bit D003a

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Earth Auger Parts/Post hole digger auger D003a


a brand new  heavy duty drill bits 200mm/250mm drill for  Earth auger, Post hole digger,Large fence post deep drill planting machine,designed to use auger bits to drill fence post holes, planting holes, ice holes, and other similar holes in the ground.

The unit will work with any type of auger bit that will accept a 3/4″ drive shaft.




1. Parts name : Earth Auger Parts/Post hole digger auger/Earth Auger Bit
2. Parts No. D003a
3. Model: 1E44F-5
4. Material: 65Mn Steel
5. Displacement: 49.3cc
6. Diameter: 200mm/250mm
7. Length: 800mm
8. Packing: Export Standard Carton
9. Delivery: 10-15 days after payment
10. Application: 2-Stroke Petrol/Gasoline

Earth Auger

Post hole digger

Ground drill


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